The Cwm A Mynydd Art Week And Trail 2016

 Art week 2016 Caerphilly BannerCaerphilly Creatives Art Week 2016 Banner

Art Week is happening! 9th to 15th July 2016 with pop up exhibitions throughout Ystrad Mynach and beyond. Because Dai the Digger is still in our garden (he's been there so long he now has a name!) and building works are ongoing at home, I've not been able to take part in the Open Studio events during the week, but I am taking part in the pop up exhibitions. A call out to local businesses was made for exhibition space to create the trail.

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All That's Needed To Create ACEOs Is A Little Den

 miniature painting art cards editions and originalsMiniature paintings Artist Trading Cards ACEO

All that's needed to create ACEOs or Artist Trading Cards is a little space

It's been a difficult few weeks and my studio is stacked full of large boxes from floor to ceiling. But I do have a little space to work. It actually reminds me of my imaginative childhood when we created little dens out of boxes to play in. So, I am for the time being working in a little den!

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A Room With A View And A Deadline Looming

 Unfinished building works with a digger in the gardenOh My...The earth is not moving for this digger in our garden!

I love my studio. It's not the biggest, but it's big enough for me, and big enough to share with a fellow artist during a studio event. It's light and airy, and insulated enough to keep lovely and warm in the winter. But oh dear... the view leaves much to be desired. A digger and a heap of building materials does not lend itself to having an Open Studio event!

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Don't Pour Acrylic Paint Down The Drain

Acrylic sludge build up from paintingAcrylic sludge build up from painting
Protect The Environment And Don't Pour Acrylic Paint Down The Drain

I love acrylic paint as a medium. It's vibrant and flexible enough for different techniques. Acrylic though is plastic paint. When we paint with acrylics, we rinse our brushes in a tub of water. Each time we rinse, we deposit acrylic particles in the water . If you pour all this down the drain, gradually over time there will be a build up of acrylic sludge. It's not good for your drain and it's definitely not good for the environment.

So how do I dispose of waste acrylic responsibly?

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Experimenting With Different Art Techniques

 Book making and paper cuttingHaving Fun Experimenting with Book Making and Paper Cutting

Having Fun Experimenting With Different Art Techniques

I'm a painter first and foremost, but when I can, I take the opportunity to go on a workshop by an artist working in a different medium. Not necessarily because I want to work in that way, but to open my eyes to new possibilities in my own work, a sort of cross pollination of ideas and techniques.

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ME CFS And How I'm Learning To Live With It

 Peace lilies one healthy and one starved of water pen and ink sketchPeace lilies sketch in response to ME CFS

I'm writing this blog because there is a silent group out there who have daily struggles that others are completely unaware of. I don't often talk about my "disability" because it puts me in a box, but very occasionally I feel the need to shout it from the roof tops.

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Artist Residency And The Micro World At The Workers Gallery

Sketch Book and Microscope for StudyingSketch Book and Microscope Ready for Art Studies
During the World of Work Exhibition March/April 2016 at the Workers Gallery and Workshops in Ynyshir, South Wales I held two drop in artist residencies. The purpose was to just be there to answer questions about my work and show how my art was taking another turn from my studies of the microscopic.

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Learning For Myself Was The Only Way

 At the computer learning with How To booksLearning Computer Skills Takes Time and Dedication

Sometimes I wonder how much more I need to learn. In the grand scheme of things, I actually love learning, though nowadays with M.E. it takes me much longer and I make lots more notes! My website is a classic example.

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