Art Process

Sometimes the creative process just flows straight from the birth of an idea to the final painting.  Other times the idea is not quite so clear, but equally powerful in wanting expression and needs some experimenting.  And then, there are the times when I am completely stuck, when I have lost my momentum and can't find my way out.  For me, these are the highs and lows of the creative process, the celebrations and the frustrations.  Then there are the times when I put aside my own self imposed rule book and just play.  I try something new, maybe throw paint, or play with different objects that might make interesting marks, or even ditch the paint for a bit of clay or a sheet of lino and an ink roller.   

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  • Making air dried clay hearts is a wonderful creative pastime. Airdrying clay is widely available from craft and art stores. I’m experimenting at the moment with different brands, but primarily they all work out the same.  Here is a step by step of how I make my art decoration hearts.

  • I’m really enjoying the physical aspect of making my own clay hearts. It gives me the freedom to choose my own shapes and sizes, and I can say that I’ve made them literally from start to finish. I’m using air dry clay and it has been a challenge to roll the clay smooth enough to make a good painting surface for detail work. I also wanted the hearts to be delicate and thin rather than thick and chunky, which posed a challenge to stop them curling at the edges while they were drying, so they were turned over regularly and kept from

  • Working in collaboration with another artist stretches the mind

    It’s a good day in the art studio even when I don’t pick up a single paint brush. Working in collaboration with another artist is very rewarding.   Following on from my last blog post, Susan Zeppellini came to join me the other day for a session of exploration of nature through the lens of a microscope. There is so much to explore. So far together,

  • A new art exhibition in the planning inspired by the beauty of microscopic life.

    I am excited about preparing for an upcoming art exhibition this August 2018, at The Workers Art and Design Studio and Gallery, Ynyshir in the South Wales Valleys. I will be collaborating with ceramic artist, Susan Zeppellini on the theme of our natural world unseen. I’m delighted that Susan is as enthusiastic as I am about the beauty of nature

  • Twitter Art Exhibition Stratford Upon Avon 2017

    The Twitter Art Exhibition is in the UK this year, and launches in Stratord Upon Avon on 1st April.  This will be my fourth year donating a postcard size piece of original art for a charitable cause. All the causes have been great including this one, with the proceeds of sales going this year to Molly Olly's Wishes, a charity that helps children with

  • Early 2017, I was invited to take part in the creation of four art installations across North Wales and was sent a box. With the box, we were asked to make something that represented the state or contents of our minds. Tim Lliffe is the lead artist, and in collaboration with MOMA, Machynlleth and Disability Arts Cymru, an arts council award was given to carry out the project which will hopefully involve 1000 creatives.

  • Vic Selby, Author And My Father

    There are times in life that are hard to bear and this has been one of the toughest. My father passed away just before Christmas with most of his family around him. It was expected, though not nearly quite so soon, but no matter how much I thought I was prepared, it wrenched my soul to see the light in his eyes slip away. He will always have a piece of my heart.

  • To simply play with the sole purpose of enjoying the process of being creative is a wonderful experience. It throws out the rule books, not to mention the expectations imposed on us by others and ourselves. I absolutely loved playing with the clay! I've always fancied making a little dragon and this little fellow developed from my imagination as we played.

  • All that's needed to create ACEOs or Artist Trading Cards is a little space

    It's been a difficult few weeks and my studio is stacked full of large boxes from floor to ceiling. But I do have a little space to work. It actually reminds me of my imaginative childhood when we created little dens out of boxes to play in. So, I am for the time being working in a little den!

  • Protect The Environment And Don't Pour Acrylic Paint Down The Drain

    I love acrylic paint as a medium. It's vibrant and flexible enough for different techniques. Acrylic though is plastic paint. When we paint with acrylics, we rinse our brushes in a tub of water. Each time we rinse, we deposit acrylic particles in the water . If you pour all this down the drain, gradually over time there will be a build up of acrylic sludge. It's not good for your drain and it's

  • Having Fun Experimenting With Different Art Techniques

    I'm a painter first and foremost, but when I can, I take the opportunity to go on a workshop by an artist working in a different medium. Not necessarily because I want to work in that way, but to open my eyes to new possibilities in my own work, a sort of cross pollination of ideas and techniques.

    Whether I incorporate what I have learnt

  • Art Cards, Editions and Originals, ACEOs and Artist Trading Cards

    Art Cards, Editions and Originals are miniature art. Fun to do and a challenge if you are used to painting big! They are also known as Artist Trading Cards.

    Artist Trading Cards were originally used in the old days by artists to give to prospective customers, a bit like