Microscopic Life Is The Focus Of A Planned New Exhibition August 2018

Rosemarie studying samples under the microscopeStudying samples under the microscope and sketching ideas
A new art exhibition in the planning inspired by the beauty of microscopic life

I am excited about preparing for an upcoming art exhibition this August 2018, at The Workers Art and Design Studio and Gallery, Ynyshir in the South Wales Valleys. I will be collaborating with ceramic artist, Susan Zeppellini on the theme of our natural world unseen. I’m delighted that Susan is as enthusiastic as I am about the beauty of nature that is so small it cannot be seen by the naked eye. Susan’s response will be in her main discipline of sculpture, whilst mine will be in painting, though I’m sure we will cross experiment too. 

Learning to use the microscope, from staining samples on slides, and how best to see the specimens, to understanding what I was actually seeing, have all laid good foundations for my plans ahead.  My work is already moving towards the unseen world so the gathering of ideas and material is well under way. Our journey has begun with our first get together. We have so much to discover and so much inspiration to translate into art. This collaborative journey will eventually come to a natural conclusion with the art show, but my personal journey will not end there, it will continue on, probably for the rest of my life. I am definitely excited. I am ready to learn, to discover, to push beyond my comfort zone, and to create new art that shows the beauty in the structure of our world.