Life In General

Life in general has a huge impact on an artists life, and mine is no exception.  Unforeseen events can sometimes take over and swallow the creativity within, or expand it to a point where it has to be expressed.  Sometimes things happen where as much as I want to paint and get creative, the space to do this is taken away, literally or figuratively by robbing me of the time I need in my studio.  An artists life is quite often romanticised in the studio, but in reality there are so many other things that need to be done if a fair living wage is to be achieved. Life is everything, and painting and creating is but a part of it.

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  • In my shell threatened by large spider but I trap the spider and throw it out of the windowThe dangers lurking in the internet and taking back my power.
    The World Wide Web - Traps and Pitfalls of the Internet

    Yes, I've been quiet, and I’ve not shared much on social media lately, but sometimes we all need to take a break from the fast lane. I crawled into my shell for self-preservation.

    I began to receive huge amounts of messages via social media that were scams, and even had my Instagram account

  • 48 my mum lieselMy Mum, Liesel.... In Memory... In My Heart Always

    Life has changed and it is much harder for us all

    I have decided to put up some pictures of real life.   Ones that have hit me hard.
    We spent two years coping with the dreadful COVID pandemic and now we are all hit with incredible hikes in our normal day to day costs of living. I would love to say that we will all get through this, but it is tough, very tough for many.

    When I look back over the last few years, I look back with sadness. Sadness at the enormous loss of life and the hardships that followed. Sadness for the struggling businesses. Sadness for the lack of human contact we all needed but couldn’t have while we isolated.  Most of all though, sadness for being denied the precious times I wanted to spend with my lovely Mum, knowing

  • A couple of commissions of dogs surrounded with flowers painted on clay heartsCommissions painted on clay hearts

    Commissions and an Exhibition

    My “busy” is different to normal busy. Living with ME/CFS is challenging at times and requires careful planning so that I don’t run out of steam altogether. So, my being “busy” might seem to others like being in the slow lane, but for me I have been busy with commissions and enjoying the challenge of the varied work I have been asked to do. This blog image is just a couple of the requests that I have been given permission to show.

  • art-doodle-removing-gallbladderRecovering from keyhole surgery to remove gallbladder
    Being in the best health you can be is a good start

    It seems that my blog musings have been all about health challenges lately. In truth, that has been my reality and I’m hoping that this recovery after having my gallbladder removed is the last for the foreseeable future. It has caused me considerable pain for the last three years. Covid-19 interrupted surgical plans for everyone, including me.

  • Doodle sketch doing a happy dance now that I can see properly againDoing a Little Happy Dance Grateful That I Can See Properly AgainI have finally recovered from double vision and been discharged from the eye hospital and I’m super happy!

    I must admit, four months of struggling to see anything without a double image did get me down, and there were times when I wondered if my eyes would ever get back to normal.

  • 043 sudden double vision is a challenge for an artistSudden Double Vision is Scary and A Major Challenge for an Artist

    Double vision is another setback but I’m not giving up. I’m figuring out how to deal with it.

    Well life has thrown another curve ball. Not only am I still on hold, almost a year later, like tens of thousands of other souls waiting for routine surgery that will make my life a little easier, but over Christmas I woke up to severe double vision. It certainly creates a challenge

  •  Painting of a cornflower in the early stages of work in progressThe early stages of my painting of a corn flower. A work in progress.

    Sometimes, a break from painting is as good as the feel of painting itself, and a break was much needed this summer.

    Picking up a brush after a much needed break feels good. Sometimes life gets in the way of things. Health problems, other life pressures and not to mention a global pandemic of Covid that had quickly reached our local area. Everything just shut

  •  New year art doodle welcoming in the new year of 2020Art Doodle Sketch Welcoming in the New Year of 2020

    Bringing in the new year of 2020 was a welcome hope for the future, not least because the entire Christmas period was a comatose blur under the influence of the dreaded flu bug!

    All new years begin with hopes and dreams, and after the last year of sad loss and so many hospital visits that I’ve lost count, the hope of the sun shining on our lives is even greater.

  • Art doodle sketches of being poorly and overwhelmedArt Doodle Sketches of Trials of Life
    The simple act of art doodling in a sketchbook can be very therapeutic. Sometimes pictures convey emotions more than words can.

    Where does the time go when life just takes over? January disappeared into the ether while I lay comatose under the duvet suffering from flu. February threw curve balls left, right and centre.

    Rushed hospital visits, tests and scans, not all mine, but family too. It really wakes you up from dreamily going through life. There is a saying that when life throws lemons at you, make lemonade. But sometimes, making

  •  art doodle 2019 new year celebrationArt Doodle 2019 New Year Celebration

    The last several months of 2018 have been challenging. My health confined me, and for a while it was comforting to rest up and recuperate. It’s difficult, well almost impossible to be inspired when I’m feeling ill and in pain. But I am beginning to feel more able now, and no longer wish to be in confinement. It is time to throw back the curtains and once again say “Hello World!”

  •  garden flowers and pots, and small pond outside the studioCreating a Garden Is Like Creating a Painting

    Gardening Is Like Painting, The Spade Is My Brush, The Flowers Are My Paint and The Ground Is My Canvas

    They say gardening is great for mental health, and it definitely is. It has helped me to pick myself up, dust myself off and re-evaluate what is important in life.

    Art, painting wise, has been a bit of a barren few months where I seem to have lost my way, maybe because I found myself in a situation that was unsustainable. The decision to put my brush down for a few months has

  • Doodle of me painting in between both mumsDoodle Painting in between both lovely Mums

    The subject of old age has been thrust upon me this last year with both my own mum and my mum in law needing extra help and support. It’s beginning to make my own life feel more fragile as I move towards my 60s. Not being in the best of health it brings home to me the need to make sure we have things in place to be able to cope as we get older, rather than be completely unprepared as both mums are. Will my current struggles with M.E. just end up being masked by infirmity as I get older?

  • 024 art studio entranceOutside the Art Studio is a mess
    "Update - Open Studios and Art Week/Trail has been cancelled sadly"

  • Vic Selby and the books he wroteVic Selby , my Dad and the Books that he wrote
    Vic Selby, Author And My Father

    There are times in life that are hard to bear and this has been one of the toughest. My father passed away just before Christmas with most of his family around him. It was expected, though not nearly quite so soon, but no matter how much I thought I was prepared, it wrenched my soul to see the light in his eyes slip away. He will always have a piece of my heart.

  •  Before full of boxes and now back to being a proper studioGratitude for the studio art space to paint in

    When I'm creating, I lose myself completely in the process. Time stops still and the random thought chatter of daily life fades away to a silence that I can only describe as "the zone".

    I drew and painted my way out of a dark hole when I was ill 15 years ago and I hadn't stopped until recently when I lost the space to create. After a few delays, my studio has been given back to me and the last remnants of the kitchen are in the kitchen. Now I need to clear the space in my head and free the cobwebs to release the inspirations that have been

  •  my art studio stuffed with boxesMy art studio stuffed full of boxes with little room to paint

    It is surprising just how far reaching the impact can be when building works are going on at home!  We moved into our bungalow for the pleasure of having no stairs to contend with. We also knew it needed a bit of updating and extending. Project management though doesn't always go to plan. The kitchen was delivered before the extension was ready and my studio has been floor to ceiling with boxed kitchen units for the last six weeks.

  •  miniature painting art cards editions and originalsMiniature paintings Artist Trading Cards ACEO

    All that's needed to create ACEOs or Artist Trading Cards is a little space

    It's been a difficult few weeks and my studio is stacked full of large boxes from floor to ceiling. But I do have a little space to work. It actually reminds me of my imaginative childhood when we created little dens out of boxes to play in. So, I am for the time being working in a little den!

  •  Unfinished building works with a digger in the gardenOh My...The earth is not moving for this digger in our garden!

    I love my studio. It's not the biggest, but it's big enough for me, and big enough to share with a fellow artist during a studio event. It's light and airy, and insulated enough to keep lovely and warm in the winter. But oh dear... the view leaves much to be desired. A digger and a heap of building materials does not lend itself to having an Open Studio event!

  •  Peace lilies one healthy and one starved of water pen and ink sketchPeace lilies sketch in response to ME CFS

    I'm writing this blog because there is a silent group out there who have daily struggles that others are completely unaware of. I don't often talk about my "disability" because it puts me in a box, but very occasionally I feel the need to shout it from the roof tops.

  •  Book making and paper cuttingHaving Fun Experimenting with Book Making and Paper Cutting

    Having Fun Experimenting With Different Art Techniques

    I'm a painter first and foremost, but when I can, I take the opportunity to go on a workshop by an artist working in a different medium. Not necessarily because I want to work in that way, but to open my eyes to new possibilities in my own work, a sort of cross pollination of ideas and techniques.

  •  At the computer learning with How To booksLearning Computer Skills Takes Time and Dedication

    Sometimes I wonder how much more I need to learn. In the grand scheme of things, I actually love learning, though nowadays with M.E./CFS it takes me much longer and I make lots more notes! My website is a classic example.

  • Twitter Art Exhibition Donated PaintingsTwitter Art Exhibition Donated Paintings

    Twitter Art Exhibition 2016 Charitable Art Donations For Great Causes

    It's time to come out of my shell and reconnect with the world, and for once, the sun is shining! There comes a point when I get fed up of being poorly, and even though I still am, I can somehow handle it better when the sun shines.

  •  doodle sat at computer desk with disappearing blogOh No! My Blog has disappeared!

     It is that dreaded moment when you click the button to update the system and your Blog disintegrates before your eyes! Any number of reboots, restores and re-installs continue to leave your Blog Page blank with an ugly system error pasted across it. This has been my headache. I've ranted, raved and finally resigned myself to bringing all my posts back over one by one to a simpler system, one that will hopefully withstand updates in future.