Twitter Art Exhibition Donated PaintingsTwitter Art Exhibition Donated Paintings

Twitter Art Exhibition 2016 Charitable Art Donations For Great Causes

It's time to come out of my shell and reconnect with the world, and for once, the sun is shining! There comes a point when I get fed up of being poorly, and even though I still am, I can somehow handle it better when the sun shines.

It's rained almost every day since the middle of October and it is now past the middle of January. I know because work on our extension stopped, leaving me with precarious planks to walk across to get to my studio. Whilst my "creative" mind was taking a break, I used the time to reorganise my records. It's surprising just how quickly files and images become a jumbled, tangled, digital mass of bits and bytes.

What's got me delving into my paint tubes again is the Twitter Art Exhibition. I focused on "Daffodils from Wales" this time. It's been such a mild winter that the bulbs are flowering already! This is the third year I've sent postcard size work, each time for a different worthy cause. Hundreds of artists across the world take part, and I love the ethos of the event.

Last year it was in Norway for Home Start and my little painting "Going Home" winged it's way to Moss. This year it's in New York for Fosters Pride. If I was fit and well, I would volunteer some of my time to a local cause. I can't do that on a consistent basis, so I see donating art work as a way of giving time to something really worthwhile.

If you are an artist reading this, check out their Twitter account if you are interested in taking part. The power of the internet will make this event go from strength to strength as each year passes!