Algae cover a group of organisms that don't easily fit within the classification of plants. Some algae colonise, and others move around in solitude using a little whip like tail structure.  Others cohabit with fungi to form lichen.  It is a fascinating subject, one which I will never tire of studying, and one which will always inspire my creative streak.

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    7 small paintings donated over last years to TwitterArtExhibit7 Small Post Card Paintings Donated Over Last 7 Years to TwitterArtExhibit
    My Microscope Painting "Hydrodictyon" donated to Twitter Art Exhibition 2021 Cheltenham

    For the last seven years I have enjoyed being involved with TwitterArtExhibit, and each year it has grown in artist numbers. Each year it is hosted by a different organisation in aid of a different charity and in a different place around the world. I donate a small original piece of art which is exhibited along with hundreds of other artist. All the

  •  Scientific art paintings from microscope studies at cynon valley museumMy paintings of algae and the inside of plants at Cynon Valley Museum, Aberdare, Wales

    I’m delighted that four of my microscope paintings were selected to be in the Winter Exhibition 2019 in the Gallery at Cynon Valley Museum, Aberdare, South Wales

    The exhibition ran from December 6th to 23rd, and feedback relayed to me from the general public was so uplifting, with a request to provide prints
  • Postcard painting of algae life in a drop of waterPostcard painting of algae in a drop of water for Twitter Art Exhibition
    Twitter Art Exhibition Stratford Upon Avon 2017

    The Twitter Art Exhibition is in the UK this year, and launches in Stratord Upon Avon on 1st April.  This will be my fourth year donating a postcard size piece of original art for a charitable cause. All the causes have been great including this one, with the proceeds of sales going this year to Molly Olly's Wishes, a charity that helps children with terminal or life

  • Paintings of Rosemarie's microscope studies at workers gallery ynyshir walesPaintings from my microscope studies at the Exhibition
    Artists Group Show at The Workers Gallery and Workshop, Ynyshir, South Wales 2017

    The show of Gallery Artists work and their work in progress is already up and running at the Workers Gallery and Workshop. I love seeing what we are all up to and what different paths we have taken since the show last year. My own work is progressing as I discover more microscopic life forms. It's making me truly

  • Art algae microscopy painted on each side of a small hanging boxAlgae art paintings on each side of a hanging box
    Early 2017, I was invited to take part in the creation of four art installations across North Wales and was sent a box. With the box, we were asked to make something that represented the state or contents of our minds. Tim Lliffe is the lead artist, and in collaboration with MOMA, Machynlleth and Disability Arts Cymru, an arts council award was given to carry out the project which will hopefully involve 1000 creatives.

  • Sketch Book and Microscope for StudyingSketch Book and Microscope Ready for Art Studies
    During the World of Work Exhibition March/April 2016 at the Workers Gallery and Workshops in Ynyshir, South Wales I held two drop in artist residencies. The purpose was to just be there to answer questions about my work and show how my art was taking another turn from my studies of the microscopic.