I'm always honoured to be asked to paint a commission.

More often than not it is personal to the customer, a loved one, a loved pet, a special place, and I feel privileged to create the piece.  Examples of some of the portrait commissions (permission kindly given) can be seen in My Gallery of People and Portraits.

Whatever the reason for the commission though, it is definitely a challenge. Have I captured the right look? Is the mood of that place how they imagined it to be? Have I interpreted their wishes correctly?  Sometimes a commission request is fairly clear, a painting from a given photograph with an idea of mood and colour for example.

Other times, it is only an impression or idea that gradually morphs into the finished piece. Sketches and ideas can go back and for a few times before it gets committed to a painting. The book cover art for the three books in the trilogy A Land Apart came about from such a commission. I read the books, we discussed ideas and options, and we settled on the final sketched ideas. The books incidentally are a great read! If you like historical novels, these are set in the 14th Century, full of battles, betrayal, murder and romance and are available on Amazon.

book cover art