Commissions And An Exhibition

A couple of commissions of dogs surrounded with flowers painted on clay heartsCommissions painted on clay hearts

Commissions and an Exhibition

My “busy” is different to normal busy. Living with ME/CFS is challenging at times and requires careful planning so that I don’t run out of steam altogether. So, my being “busy” might seem to others like being in the slow lane, but for me I have been busy with commissions and enjoying the challenge of the varied work I have been asked to do. This blog image is just a couple of the requests that I have been given permission to show.

Onto the exhibition… I am a member of the Womens Arts Association Wales, and their Winter Exhibition is currently being held at Llanover Hall Arts Centre in Cardiff. The exhibition is themed “Inside/Outside” and runs from 1st November to 9th December. For those who are local and may wish to attend, the address is:

Llanover Hall Arts Centre, Romilly Road, Cardiff, CF5 1FH

As it is a group exhibition, there are a variety of styles and interpretations of the theme, so if you are local, it is well worth a visit. Covid rules apply when visiting with facemasks and social distancing. I long for the day when Covid rules are no longer needed and this point in time is resigned to the history books, but for now we all need to be careful.

The painting I have on show is inspired from studying the centre of dahlia flowers under the microscope, and how the pollen gets released.

Once all commitments to commissions have been completed, I shall resume my studies with the microscope. But that doesn’t mean I won’t take on any further commissions. I really enjoy doing everything art related!

If you are looking for something specific as a gift or for yourself, and you like my style of painting, I
would be happy to discuss options with you.

A Little Painting Donated to TwitterArtExhibit for 7th Year Running


7 small paintings donated over last years to TwitterArtExhibit7 Small Post Card Paintings Donated Over Last 7 Years to TwitterArtExhibit
My Microscope Painting "Hydrodictyon" donated to Twitter Art Exhibition 2021 Cheltenham

For the last seven years I have enjoyed being involved with TwitterArtExhibit, and each year it has grown in artist numbers. Each year it is hosted by a different organisation in aid of a different charity and in a different place around the world. I donate a small original piece of art which is exhibited along with hundreds of other artist. All the art is sold for a standard price with the proceeds going to the selected charity.

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Be In The Best Health You Can Be

art-doodle-removing-gallbladderRecovering from keyhole surgery to remove gallbladder
Being in the best health you can be is a good start

It seems that my blog musings have been all about health challenges lately. In truth, that has been my reality and I’m hoping that this recovery after having my gallbladder removed is the last for the foreseeable future. It has caused me considerable pain for the last three years. Covid-19 interrupted surgical plans for everyone, including me.

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Recovery From Double Vision Happy Dance

Doodle sketch doing a happy dance now that I can see properly againDoing a Little Happy Dance Grateful That I Can See Properly AgainI have finally recovered from double vision and been discharged from the eye hospital and I’m super happy!

I must admit, four months of struggling to see anything without a double image did get me down, and there were times when I wondered if my eyes would ever get back to normal.

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Sudden Double Vision for an Artist is a Challenge

043 sudden double vision is a challenge for an artistSudden Double Vision is Scary and A Major Challenge for an Artist

Double vision is another setback but I’m not giving up. I’m figuring out how to deal with it.

Well life has thrown another curve ball. Not only am I still on hold, almost a year later, like tens of thousands of other souls waiting for routine surgery that will make my life a little easier, but over Christmas I woke up to severe double vision. It certainly creates a challenge when you love painting.  The world I see is now very higgledy piggledy!

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Painting Feels Good After a Needed Break

 Painting of a cornflower in the early stages of work in progressThe early stages of my painting of a corn flower. A work in progress.

Sometimes, a break from painting is as good as the feel of painting itself, and a break was much needed this summer.

Picking up a brush after a much needed break feels good. Sometimes life gets in the way of things. Health problems, other life pressures and not to mention a global pandemic of Covid that had quickly reached our local area. Everything just shut down.

Normally painting is a zen like process for me, but the worries of life infiltrated that process and I struggled to concentrate. So, I decided to take a break from creating new work in the studio and instead, focussed on our home and garden throughout the summer and autumn, all the while letting my shop tick over. For me it was the right thing to do.

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How I Make My Air Dried Clay Hearts

 Selection of hand painted flowers on clay heartsA selection of my hand painted floral clay hearts

Making air dried clay hearts is a wonderful creative pastime

Airdrying clay is widely available from craft and art stores. I’m experimenting at the moment with different brands, but primarily they all work out the same.  Here is a step by step of how I make my art decoration hearts.

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Welcoming the New Year with Hopes and Dreams

 New year art doodle welcoming in the new year of 2020Art Doodle Sketch Welcoming in the New Year of 2020

Bringing in the new year of 2020 was a welcome hope for the future, not least because the entire Christmas period was a comatose blur under the influence of the dreaded flu bug!

All new years begin with hopes and dreams, and after the last year of sad loss and so many hospital visits that I’ve lost count, the hope of the sun shining on our lives is even greater.

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