art-doodle-removing-gallbladderRecovering from keyhole surgery to remove gallbladder
Being in the best health you can be is a good start

It seems that my blog musings have been all about health challenges lately. In truth, that has been my reality and I’m hoping that this recovery after having my gallbladder removed is the last for the foreseeable future. It has caused me considerable pain for the last three years. Covid-19 interrupted surgical plans for everyone, including me.

I’m super grateful to our National Health Service. The surgery was successful, and I’m home recovering. It will be several weeks before I’m up to doing anything strenuous, but I can live with that. It gives me chance to take stock, evaluate where I’m going, what I want to do and how to do it.

Sometimes we need to stop and give ourselves time to think about everything that is important to us. Health for a start! What is the point of plans if you don’t have the health to carry them out? Not all of us are in tip top condition, but we can at least be in the best health we can be and work around our limitations.

Family and friends are important too, and then comes creativity. Creativity is in all of us in some form or another. Mine is in painting, making things, and tending our little garden mostly. Even studying is creative, learning new things, applying them to my work, like the wonders of the microscopic world which still inspire me to create and share.

For the next few weeks though, it is health I’m focussing on, and giving myself time to recover properly. Life after gallbladder removal…. I marvel at science, at what can be done nowadays, and the power of the body to heal, even with missing bits!