Gallery Artists Group Show at The Workers Gallery, Ynyshir 2017

Paintings of Rosemarie's microscope studies at workers gallery ynyshir walesPaintings from my microscope studies at the Exhibition
Artists Group Show at The Workers Gallery and Workshop, Ynyshir, South Wales 2017

The show of Gallery Artists work and their work in progress is already up and running at the Workers Gallery and Workshop. I love seeing what we are all up to and what different paths we have taken since the show last year. My own work is progressing as I discover more microscopic life forms. It's making me truly appreciate that there is so much more life that we can't see with the naked eye, but that is all around us! My focus for now is water from nature and the life I can see in a single drop.

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Art Installation - In Our Minds There Are Many Rooms

Art algae microscopy painted on each side of a small hanging boxAlgae art paintings on each side of a hanging box
Early 2017, I was invited to take part in the creation of four art installations across North Wales and was sent a box. With the box, we were asked to make something that represented the state or contents of our minds. Tim Lliffe is the lead artist, and in collaboration with MOMA, Machynlleth and Disability Arts Cymru, an arts council award was given to carry out the project which will hopefully involve 1000 creatives.

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Vic Selby, Author

Vic Selby and the books he wroteVic Selby , my Dad and the Books that he wrote
Vic Selby, Author And My Father

There are times in life that are hard to bear and this has been one of the toughest. My father passed away just before Christmas with most of his family around him. It was expected, though not nearly quite so soon, but no matter how much I thought I was prepared, it wrenched my soul to see the light in his eyes slip away. He will always have a piece of my heart.

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Alone In The Universe - Workers Gallery Open Art Exhibition 2016

Opening night at workers gallery alone in the universe art exhibitionOpening Night of the Art Exhibition
Alone In The Universe - Open Art Exhibition Winter 2016 At The Workers Gallery, Ynyshir

This is a themed group art exhibition held at the Workers Gallery and Workshops. It is based on a poem "Alone In The Universe" by Mike Church. The launch event was a huge success crossing the boundaries of several art forms from poetry and music to the visual creations inspired by Mike's poem.

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Cynon Valley Museum Winter Open Art Exhibition 2016

Cynon valley museum exhibition 2016My three algae paintings at Cynon Valley Museum Art Exhibition 2016
Cynon Valley Museum was a casualty in the cuts to spending, but community people power put it back on the map. I'm so pleased because not only does it have a great little museum of local interest, it has a lovely gallery space.

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The Joy Of Having A Space To Create

 Before full of boxes and now back to being a proper studioGratitude for the studio art space to paint in

When I'm creating, I lose myself completely in the process. Time stops still and the random thought chatter of daily life fades away to a silence that I can only describe as "the zone".

I drew and painted my way out of a dark hole when I was ill 15 years ago and I hadn't stopped until recently when I lost the space to create. After a few delays, my studio has been given back to me and the last remnants of the kitchen are in the kitchen. Now I need to clear the space in my head and free the cobwebs to release the inspirations that have been piling up.

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Thinking Outside Of The Boxes

 my art studio stuffed with boxesMy art studio stuffed full of boxes with little room to paint

It is surprising just how far reaching the impact can be when building works are going on at home!  We moved into our bungalow for the pleasure of having no stairs to contend with. We also knew it needed a bit of updating and extending. Project management though doesn't always go to plan. The kitchen was delivered before the extension was ready and my studio has been floor to ceiling with boxed kitchen units for the last six weeks.

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Sometimes It Is Good To Just Creatively Play

 An air dry clay sculpture of a baby dragonHaving fun experimenting with air dry clay sculpting a baby dragon

To simply play with the sole purpose of enjoying the process of being creative is a wonderful experience. It throws out the rule books, not to mention the expectations imposed on us by others and ourselves. I absolutely loved playing with the clay! I've always fancied making a little dragon and this little fellow developed from my imagination as we played.

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