When A Blog Becomes An Almighty Headache

 doodle sat at computer desk with disappearing blogOh No! My Blog has disappeared!

 It is that dreaded moment when you click the button to update the system and your Blog disintegrates before your eyes! Any number of reboots, restores and re-installs continue to leave your Blog Page blank with an ugly system error pasted across it. This has been my headache. I've ranted, raved and finally resigned myself to bringing all my posts back over one by one to a simpler system, one that will hopefully withstand updates in future.

Being an artist isn't just about painting. There's a shed load of other things involved too, and technology is one of them. In the grand scheme of things, I love the challenge of learning something new, but this has been a tad frustrating and with time marching on and all my Blog posts still a jumble of bits and bytes in the depths of beyond, I've learnt that sometimes, simple ....really is best. So bit by bit, my older posts will reappear and new ones will be added, hopefully all in the right order!