Postcard painting of algae life in a drop of waterPostcard painting of algae in a drop of water for Twitter Art Exhibition
Twitter Art Exhibition Stratford Upon Avon 2017

The Twitter Art Exhibition is in the UK this year, and launches in Stratord Upon Avon on 1st April.  This will be my fourth year donating a postcard size piece of original art for a charitable cause. All the causes have been great including this one, with the proceeds of sales going this year to Molly Olly's Wishes, a charity that helps children with terminal or life threatening illnesses.

My postcard this year is "Life in a drop of Water". I am pleased to say that I will be among at least one thousand other artists taking part from across the globe. It truly is a trending global movement for great causes! I wonder where it will be next year? Previous years have been in the United States and Norway

I was hoping to attend the launch on 1st April, but unfortunately, I can't be in two places at the same time. I will though make every effort to get to the Arts House in Stratford Upon Avon during the exhibition, just to experience so much art in one place....and maybe buy one too.  

After Note:  Delighted my little postcard was sold!

Link for more information on the Twitter Art Exhibition