Alone In The Universe - Workers Gallery Open Art Exhibition 2016

Opening night at workers gallery alone in the universe art exhibitionOpening Night of the Art Exhibition
Alone In The Universe - Open Art Exhibition Winter 2016 At The Workers Gallery, Ynyshir

This is a themed group art exhibition held at the Workers Gallery and Workshops. It is based on a poem "Alone In The Universe" by Mike Church. The launch event was a huge success crossing the boundaries of several art forms from poetry and music to the visual creations inspired by Mike's poem.

The poem encompasses the wonders of the world, from the good of humanity to the beauty and complexities of nature. One of my pieces is a little oil painting "Broken Hearted", a still life of the demise of one of my ornamental penguins which is currently listed in my website gallery here. For sentimental reasons I have never been able to throw the broken one away, so I have kept the pieces and will glue him back together one day.

The other two are small acrylic paintings, inspired from my studies with the microscope. The little creatures in a drop of water from the bird bath, completely invisible to the naked eye, but very much alive.

The exhibition runs at the Workers Gallery until 24th December and it is well worth a visit.