my art studio stuffed with boxesMy art studio stuffed full of boxes with little room to paint

It is surprising just how far reaching the impact can be when building works are going on at home!  We moved into our bungalow for the pleasure of having no stairs to contend with. We also knew it needed a bit of updating and extending. Project management though doesn't always go to plan. The kitchen was delivered before the extension was ready and my studio has been floor to ceiling with boxed kitchen units for the last six weeks.

It's been tough not having the space to work, but gradually this week, the boxes are being opened and the units are being placed where they belong, in the kitchen!

What has struck me is that my environment does have an impact on my mind. Aside from valiantly fighting to clean the dust everyday in our home, it has been difficult to settle on any art projects without the space to spread out and create. My fine art printer is wrapped and sealed with polythene to protect it from the dust, and my microscope and science equipment are all boxed up and sealed also. Anything left out for a few hours ends up with a film of fine dust, so what was cleaned in the morning needs cleaning again in the evening.

I have used my "spare" time to research and reorganise my files, but now I really need to settle down to paint and lose myself in the process. Painting is in my soul, like music is to a musician, and my soul needs nourishing! Almost as an afterthought....the kitchen is beginning to look great....good food for the soul too!