A couple of commissions of dogs surrounded with flowers painted on clay heartsCommissions painted on clay hearts

Commissions and an Exhibition

My “busy” is different to normal busy. Living with ME/CFS is challenging at times and requires careful planning so that I don’t run out of steam altogether. So, my being “busy” might seem to others like being in the slow lane, but for me I have been busy with commissions and enjoying the challenge of the varied work I have been asked to do. This blog image is just a couple of the requests that I have been given permission to show.

Onto the exhibition… I am a member of the Womens Arts Association Wales, and their Winter Exhibition is currently being held at Llanover Hall Arts Centre in Cardiff. The exhibition is themed “Inside/Outside” and runs from 1st November to 9th December. For those who are local and may wish to attend, the address is:

Llanover Hall Arts Centre, Romilly Road, Cardiff, CF5 1FH

As it is a group exhibition, there are a variety of styles and interpretations of the theme, so if you are local, it is well worth a visit. Covid rules apply when visiting with facemasks and social distancing. I long for the day when Covid rules are no longer needed and this point in time is resigned to the history books, but for now we all need to be careful.

The painting I have on show is inspired from studying the centre of dahlia flowers under the microscope, and how the pollen gets released.

Once all commitments to commissions have been completed, I shall resume my studies with the microscope. But that doesn’t mean I won’t take on any further commissions. I really enjoy doing everything art related!

If you are looking for something specific as a gift or for yourself, and you like my style of painting, I
would be happy to discuss options with you.