Sketch Book and Microscope for StudyingSketch Book and Microscope Ready for Art Studies
During the World of Work Exhibition March/April 2016 at the Workers Gallery and Workshops in Ynyshir, South Wales I held two drop in artist residencies. The purpose was to just be there to answer questions about my work and show how my art was taking another turn from my studies of the microscopic.

I thoroughly enjoyed showing just how much life there was inside a tiny drop of water from the birdbath in our garden . People could leaf through my sketchbook of notes and drawings to see how the two paintings of algae on show in the exhibition came to be.  I was delighted that people said they really liked my paintings, even though they didn't know what they were looking at until they saw my sketchbooks and looked through the microscope themselves. They thought they were abstract paintings conjured from my imagination. Once they understood what they were looking at, they told me that it added a new depth to the art they were viewing.

So, I shall enjoy surprising people again!  We live in a world where much goes on without our being aware of it, and I hope with the new series of paintings I am working on, that I can show some of this hidden world.  I've created a new Gallery, Art From Microscope Studies which I will add to over time.