Unfinished building works with a digger in the gardenOh My...The earth is not moving for this digger in our garden!

I love my studio. It's not the biggest, but it's big enough for me, and big enough to share with a fellow artist during a studio event. It's light and airy, and insulated enough to keep lovely and warm in the winter. But oh dear... the view leaves much to be desired. A digger and a heap of building materials does not lend itself to having an Open Studio event!

We moved into our bungalow knowing we were going to have to extend a little, and work started last autumn with delays. Then once we could go ahead it rained, and rained, and rained all through the winter. The most winter rainfall in over a 100 years! More hiccups and now it's the beginning of June and we still don't have a roof.
In my mind we have a beautiful garden, but I can't live in my imagination when the reality of mud and brick piles are my obstacle course to get to the studio.

Art Week starts Saturday, 9th July and goes through to Friday 15th July 2016. So panic is beginning to well in me. I can't have an Open Studio on a building site. Yes I have public liability insurance for art events, but I doubt it will cover me for building works!

This will be the third year of the Cwm A Mynydd (Welsh for Hill and Valley) Creative Arts Week, an art trail and week of pop up exhibitions, open studios, art workshops and demonstrations. I don't want to miss out taking part but it is only six weeks away now. I think I might need a Plan B. If only I had a magic wand!