Art doodle sketches of being poorly and overwhelmedArt Doodle Sketches of Trials of Life
The simple act of art doodling in a sketchbook can be very therapeutic. Sometimes pictures convey emotions more than words can.

Where does the time go when life just takes over? January disappeared into the ether while I lay comatose under the duvet suffering from flu. February threw curve balls left, right and centre.

Rushed hospital visits, tests and scans, not all mine, but family too. It really wakes you up from dreamily going through life. There is a saying that when life throws lemons at you, make lemonade. But sometimes, making lemonade is extremely difficult. Playing ball is difficult too!

Creating art is hard to do when you don’t feel well and for me, it is just as hard when family members are not well. Worry infiltrates the creative process and getting into the flow or the zone is difficult, but once I manage to get there, it is like being in the stillness of the centre of a tornado.

Art can be extremely therapeutic if you manage to let the world go by, even for a little while. Doodling helped to translate my emotions into these little sketches. They are a bit wonky, and I worried a little about putting them on social media because they are not like my finished paintings, but the wonkiness in itself told part of my story. A picture paints a thousand words, and I’m touched to have received comments on how other people connected to them.

So, it’s onwards and upwards with a To Do list that is never ending, but taken on as a rewarding challenge.