pictures of microscope images for ideasImages studied for possible ideas for painting
Working in collaboration with another artist stretches the mind

It’s a good day in the art studio even when I don’t pick up a single paint brush. Working in collaboration with another artist is very rewarding.   Following on from my last blog post, Susan Zeppellini came to join me the other day for a session of exploration of nature through the lens of a microscope. There is so much to explore. So far together, we’ve looked at the cellular level of a flower, bracket fungi and lichen on trees, and the remnants of a colourful autumn leaf.

I’m taking a pottery workshop with Susan to get to know more of the ceramic processes involved and am thoroughly enjoying working in 3D.   Not only is it fun, but it’s good to understand Susan’s journey in this project and her response to the microscopic theme, particularly as my discipline is painting.

We have plenty of ideas that we think will make for a great exhibition, and more exploration can only bring more great ideas. Sharing thoughts and ideas is helping each of us to expand and fine tune our own responses for creating final pieces for the gallery exhibition in August. These next five months are going to be busy and very challenging, but I think they will also be fun.

Susan Zeppellini - click her name to be taken to her page.