close up of painting I am woman showing cellsClose Ups of the Painting "I Am Woman"
My painting “I Am Woman” is in the Disability Arts Cymru Annual Touring Exhibition, and I am delighted it has been selected to tour around Wales with 25 art works by other artists.

The theme this year is “On The Edge”, and I chose my subject based on the fight for equality of women, and how even though it is 100 years since we were allowed to vote, we are still on the edge in many areas of the modern political and economic world. It is a statement and a celebration of I Am Woman.

I Am Woman Self, Cell Portrait“I Am Woman” is a self, cell portrait. The cells were swabbed from the inside of my cheek and spread on a slide. They were then stained with methylene blue to highlight the cell edges, nucleus and most importantly the extra ‘x’ inactive chromosome that women have. Viewing under the microscope clearly showed the cells. They were quite large and flat, so some had folded over, some were on top of each other and some had frilled around the edges. Yes, I am definitely a woman! The inactive ‘x’ chromosome, known as the Barr Body was clearly visible. This is used in forensics to determine gender.

The full exhibition was held at Celf o Gwmpas, Llandrindod Wells in the summer. The touring venues are:-
Cyfarthfa Castle, Merthyr Tydfil - 6 to 21 September 2018
Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy - 28 September to 27 October 2018
Theatr Clwyd, Mold – 12 November to 1 December 2018
Mostyn, Llandudno - 10 January to 4 March 2019

Also, link to Disability Arts Cymru