Paintings of microscopic life

These paintings might look abstract at first glance, but they are inspired from my studies of nature under the microscope.  A merging of science and art.  Signed art prints in various sizes available.  More coming soon!

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Algae Life Original Contemporary Art Prints

"Algae Life" contemporary painting of different forms of single cell algae.


Algae Microscopic Universe Painting Signed Prints

A contemporary cosmic style painting of algae forms developed from microscope studies.


Symbiosis of Lichen Original Art Signed Prints

"Symbiosis" is a painting inspired by Lichen under the microscope. Prints from


Water World Microscopic Original Art Signed Prints

"Water World" A contemporary painting of select algae forms inspired from microscope studies. From


Water Meadow Microscopic Original Art Signed Prints

"Water Meadow " A painting of algae forms inspired from microscope studies. Prints from


Catkin Burst Original Painting Signed Prints

"Catkin Burst"  A painting inspired from a cross section of the flower of the Goat Willow Tree. Signed Prints from


Algae Creating Colonies Painting Signed Prints

"Creating Colonies" a contemporary painting of Coelastrum, a colonising algae. Signed prints from


Algae Characium Original Art Signed Prints

The painting “Algae Characium” was inspired from microscope studies.  Signed prints from


Algae Dinobryon original art signed prints

Signed prints of original painting “Algae Dinobryon” inspired from microscope studies.  From


Rose Stem Cells Contemporary Art Painting Signed Prints

"Rose Stem Cells"  inspired from a cross section of the stem of a rose studied under the microscope.  Prints from


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