Artist Trading Cards, ACEOs, Art Cards Editions and Originals

Miniature Paintings in Artist Trading Card format

Collectable miniature art.   Artist Trading Cards, or ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals) as they are also known are miniature paintings just 2.5 x 3.5 inches wide (6.4 x 8.9cm)  There is an option to purchase a mount along with the Art Card.  The mount fits a 5 x7" standard frame.

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Yellow Pansies Original Artist Trading Card

An original miniature acrylic painting of Yellow Pansies in ACEO format.


Red Pansies Original Painting ACEO Artist Trading Card

An original miniature watercolour painting of Red Pansies in the ACEO format


ACEO Lake Reflections Wild Flowers No3 Ref3016

Original Miniature acrylic painting ACEO size 2.5 x 3.5 inches Artist Trading Card


ACEO Lake Reflections No7 Ref3020

A miniature original acrylic painting of Lake Reflections series in ACEO format of wild summer flowers at a lakes edge.


ACEO Lake Reflections Series No6 Ref 3019

An original one off miniature painting in the Lake Reflections Series (No.6) with wild flowers


ACEO Lake Reflections Series No8 Ref3021

An original one off miniature painting ACEO format in the Lake Reflections series


ACEO Original Painting Parc Cwm Darren No2 Ref 3027

A miniature landscape painting of the lake at Parc Cwm Darren, Bargoed.  Derry Park. 


ACEO Miniature Landscape Dare Valley Park No2

ACEO Original miniature landscape of Dare Valley Park, Aberdare, Wales UK


ACEO Miniature landscape Painting Blaen Rhondda No.2

An original miniature ACEO format landscape painting from Blaen Rhondda, in the South Wales valleys UK


ACEO Parc Cwm Darren No1 Ref3028

Original miniature autumn landscape painting of Parc Cwm Darren, Bargoed, Wales UK


ACEO Dare Valley Park Series No1 Ref3030

An original miniature summer landscape painting in the Dare Valley Park Series ACEO


ACEO Windy Ridge Cwmcarn painting Ref3031

An original miniature landscape painting of "Windy Ridge" from Cwmcarn Forest Drive


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