Invisible World - An Exhibition of the Microscopic August 2018

 Art Exhibition Invisible WorldArt Exhibition The Invisible World

The "Invisible World" Art Exhibition August 2018
An Exhibition of Paintings by Rosemarie O'Leary
and Ceramics by Susan Zeppellini
9th August to 1st September 2018 at The Workers Gallery

Susan Zeppellini and myself were delighted that our art exhibition “The Invisible World” was received by visitors with such positive comments. 

“I’ve not seen anything like this before, beautiful!”,
“what a wonderful subject to be inspired by”,
“the ceramics and paintings really compliment one another”,
“I love the colours and shapes!”

and more, which was incredibly encouraging.

 Whilst we take a breather at the end of the exhibition, we are still planning more collaborative work, so keep in touch to see what we are up to. 

There is a vast world of the tiniest unseen creatures out there, and the skeletal cellular beauty of plants and flowers will keep me forever inspired!  No doubt that I will be updating on this theme in the future.

 To see more of Susan’s work, her website is

She also runs BaseArt Pottery, a pottery studio with classes and memberships with other ceramic artists. I’m in the process of learning the alchemy of colours with elements from the periodic table. It’s fascinating!

art poster of invisible world 2018 exhibition